Install Printer TM-U220D Receipt

Panduan Install Printer TM-U220D Receipt 
Silahkan Download Drivernya disini

Installation of the Espon TMU220D or TMU200D Receipt Printer
1. Download the Epson Advance Printer Driver set from our web site (ATD210E.exe).
2. After the download completes, start the installation by double-clicking the file (ATD210E.exe).
3. The Epson Driver Installation will load. Follow the screen instructions by selecting your version of Windows and then selecting the TM-U220D Receipt printer driver from the list. Select this same driver for either the TM-U200D or TM-U220D.
4. For most versions of Windows the system will need to restart, answer YES to the Restart prompt.
6. Open the POS Office.
7. Go to the Office’s Setup, then Receipt/Invoice Setup. On the Universal Tab Select POS (Tape) Printer and then select Default = Print Receipts. Also enter your receipt heading on this tab. Select the MORE button to put information at the bottom of the receipt, such as “Thanks for Shopping With US!”

(NOTE: For esthetic purposes, the heading is automatically centered and the first line is printed at twice the size of the other 3 lines. IMPORTANT – If the 1st line exceeds 18 characters, then it reverts to the same size as the other lines.

8. Next, select the POS (Tape) Printer Tab. On the POS (Tape) Printer tab under Printer Driver, select Epson TMU220 or TMU200 (All Windows).
9. Select OK/Save.
11. If you have a cash drawer connected, select Setup, then Equipment Setup. On the Cash Drawer tab select Epson TM Series Printer. Select OK/Save.
12. Open the POS Cash Register. If it was on the task bar, you must close it, then reopen it.
13. Select File, then Select Printer. Choose the Epson TM-U220D Receipt driver from the list. The cash register will remember this setting even if your Windows default printer is another printer.


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